兩位老移民在這裡與您分享移民留學, 海外匯款, 置業投資, 生活教育等經驗和心得.



紐西蘭儲備銀行貨幣政策委員會今天將官方現金利率(OCR)提高到 1%,加息0.25%。


移民留學 紐西蘭 匯款 生活 置業 投資

我們為您提供 移民留學 紐西蘭 匯款 生活 置業 投資 貼士, 還有房產投資, 金融新聞和外匯資訊. 建立這個“輕鬆移民紐西蘭“網站的初衷是看到許多華人朋友在準備申請移民或者準備搬遷到紐西蘭的過程中遇到各種各樣的困難,所以我門想把自己移居紐西蘭這麼多年的經驗和心得跟新老移民們分享和討論。紐西蘭是一個風景優美,人文豐富多彩,社會安定,各個種族都和睦相處的國度,這裡的政府部門清廉程度為之世界首位,同時在經商投資環境也位居世界最適合經商的第二位。我們衷心祝愿大家在這片純淨大地上順利開心地生活工作。

The intention of setting up this “easy immigration New Zealand” website is to share information about immigrating to NZ, studying and investing in NZ because we see many Chinese friends have various difficulties in the process of preparing to apply for immigration or preparing to relocate to New Zealand, so I would like to share my experiences and knowledge living and working in NZ and discuss with new friends who move to NZ. New Zealand is a country with beautiful scenery, rich cultural diversity, social stability, and harmonious coexistence of all races. The government department here is ranked first in the world, and it is also ranked second in the world in the business investment environment. . We sincerely wish you all a happy life and work on this pure land. We provide you with immigration and study abroad New Zealand remittance life home investment tips, as well as real estate investment, financial news and foreign exchange information.

移民留學 匯款 生活 投資 置業
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