臨近12月份,紐西蘭的炎炎夏日即將到來。房地產市場如高溫的太陽一樣熱氣騰騰,房價火熱一漲再漲,有點讓人窒息的感覺。 在如此高溫之下,在奥克兰北岸的BAYVIEW地區有一寧靜乘涼之處 “THE ARBOUR”,將給予首次購房者和初級房產投資者一次良機進入房市。

“別院深深夏席清,石榴開遍透簾明。樹陰滿地日當午,夢覺流鶯時一聲”,借用蘇舜欽的這首詩,恰如其分地比喻了THE ARBOUR住宅小區寧靜優雅的居住環境。 THE ARBOUR背靠Glendhu Reserve,樹蔭下安靜舒適,耳邊只聽見鳥語聲聲,輕風陣陣帶來的是林中自然純淨的空氣。

The Arbour
Aerial view

步出小區,Spinella Drive 上的巴士數分鐘便可直達Glenfield Shopping Mall,30分鐘可達奧克蘭市中心。 而Bayview小學和幼教中心離THE ARBOUR小區只有5-10分鐘的步行距離。在小學背後還有人情味滿滿的小飯館和便利店,盡現社區的溫馨和便利。


THE ARBOUR小區距離Glenfield 高中只有6分鐘的車程,離Manuka Reserve海灘也只有4分鐘車程。周邊有數個兒童遊樂場地和公共保留地樹林。3分鐘車程就可到加油站和Albany Highway,是一個鬧中取靜,既可以貼近大自然,又能滿足家庭生活便利需求的位置。

THE ARBOUR小區分為BLOCK A 和BLOCK B兩個區域,BLOCK A是由3套3層高的歐式中戶型房子組成,BLOCK B則是由4套2層高的小戶型和1套3層高的中戶型房子組成。 每套房子都有自己的專屬車位,固定車位可以滿足每一戶住家的家庭需求,並且在driveway的盡頭有臨時的停車位可供靈活使用。

Block A
Block B

小戶型包含二樓的2間臥室,1間學習房(可做單人臥室),1.5間衛浴。 一樓則是開放式廚房連接飯廳,直通客廳至外面的陽台,盡享“窗前眾綠香”。室內總面積達到近86平米。

Unit 4-7 living room
Unit 4-7 living room
Unit 4-7 bedroom


Unit 1-3 Living room
Unit 1-3 bedroom
Unit 8 Kitchen

THE ARBOUR的開發商開發這個小區的初衷是為首次購房者和入門級投資者的需求來設計,與市場中同類房型相比,凸顯了售價相近而室內面積較大的優勢。而且便於打理,位置鬧中取靜,入门级的优惠价格,非常適合小家庭自住或投資者出租。

如想了解更多的細節請諮詢Barfoot的房產銷售中介Andy Ling。 THE ARBOUR圖冊請點擊這裡

The ARBOUR project is composed by 8 luxury terrace houses in Bayview Auckland. It is backed by Glendhu Reserve, quiet and comfortable in the shade of the trees. Only the sound of birds can be heard in the ears. The breeze gusts brings the natural and pure air in the forest.

Step out of the community, the bus on Spinella Drive will take you to Glenfield Shopping Mall in a few minutes, and you can reach downtown Auckland in 30 minutes. Bayview Primary School and Early Childhood Education Centre are only a 5-minute walk away from THE ARBOUR. Behind the Primary School there are small restaurants and convenience stores with a strong human touch, showing the warmth and convenience of the community.

THE ARBOUR is only a 6-minute drive to Glenfield High School and a 4-minute drive to Manuka Reserve Beach. There are several children’s playgrounds and public reserve woods in the surrounding area. Only a 3-minute drive to the gas station and Albany Highway, it is a quiet place in the middle of the Glenfield busy area, close to nature, and meet the convenience needs of family life.

THE ARBOUR is divided into two areas, BLOCK A and BLOCK B. BLOCK A is composed of 3 sets of 3-storey European-style medium-sized houses, and BLOCK B is composed of 4 sets of 2-storey houses and 1 set of 3-storey house. Each house has its own exclusive parking space. The fixed parking space can meet the needs of each household, and there is a temporary parking space at the end of the driveway for flexible use.

The small-sized houses include 2 bedrooms, 1 study room (can be used as a single bedroom), and 1 bathroom on the second floor, On the first floor is an open kitchen connected to the dining room, which leads directly from the living room to the balcony outside, you will enjoy the “green fragrance in front of the window”. The total indoor area reaches 85 square meters.

The medium-sized houses have a private master suite and separate bathroom on the first floor, connected to dozens of square meters of outdoor garden, the second floor is an open kitchen and living room, connected to the balcony. The space is transparent and comfortable. And the third floor is 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The total indoor area reaches nearly 115 square meters.

The original intention of the developer of THE ARBOUR is to design for the needs of first-time home buyers and entry-level investors. Compared with similar types of houses in the market, it highlights the advantages of similar prices with larger indoor areas. Moreover, it is easy to take care of, and the location is quiet, very suitable for small families to live in or rent out by investors.

These new terrace houses are affordable, great choices for the entry level of real estate investment and first home buyers. Action now and call Andy 021 155 3825 for more details. Download the digital brochure click here.